Our top priority is to create a comfortable and happy environment for you and your child. Our friendly and caring staff will happily explain all procedures and answer any questions. We strive to provide the best possible care for your child and ensure that his/her oral health is treated and maintained at optimum condition.

What to Expect

Your child will receive a thorough examination with Dr. Gamble, where she’ll discuss results with our report card, offer recommendations for how to best care for your child’s teeth, and much more. Oral health education, brushing techniques, flossing, healthy snacks and fluoride recommendations are just some of the topics discussed during your child's initial cleaning and exam appointment.

Recommended age of first visit


after the first baby tooth arrives


his/her first birthday

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child visit the dentist for an initial oral evaluation within 6 months of the eruption of his/her first baby tooth and no later than their first birthday. It is important to start children early in the right direction to good dental hygiene and building healthy, life-long habits.

Can I Stay with My Child During the Visit?

We have an open-door policy, which means you are welcome to be with your child at all times. Our goal is to develop a trusting relationship with your child and allow them to have a positive experience in receiving dental care. Studies have shown that most children react more positively when permitted to experience the dental visit on their own and in an environment designed for children. However, if you feel your presence would make your child more comfortable, you are welcome to accompany your child into the treatment room. For children 3 years of age and under, it is very helpful to have the parent in the room and often your child will be on your lap! For the safety and privacy of all patients at Dr. Gamble’s office, we ask that all children who are not being treated remain in the reception room with a supervising adult.

Things to Make your First Visit Happy

You can make the first visit to the dentist enjoyable and positive.

  • Your child should be informed of the visit and told that the dentist and staff will explain all procedures and answer any questions. The less to-do concerning the visit, the better.
  • It is best to refrain from using words that can cause unnecessary fear, like needle, pull, drill, or hurt. Pediatric dental offices make a practice of using words that convey the same message, but are pleasant and non-frightening to a child.
  • Reading books about going to the dentist or “playing dentist” at home beforehand can be beneficial.
  • Keeping a RELAXED AND POSITIVE attitude helps the most. Often a child’s behavior is related to their parent’s own anxiety.

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